Client Testimonials

People are tipping their hat to Redcap

“We have used Red Cap Services three times in the last six weeks.  They provide outstanding service at reasonable cost.  Red Cap has provided a wide variety for us such as hanging pictures, hauling to storage, doing minor repairs or most anything else requested.  We have lived many places, but have never experienced this kind of service by a single company any place else.”

Jim & Martha Bequette, April 2015

Home Watch Reviews

“As a part-time resident in Beaufort, with three properties, Redcap has been an indispensable resource. With one house for sale and another a rental property, being able to call Redcap for immediate services eliminates problems and assures that renters or potential buyers are happy. From inoperable TV remotes, to managing contractors, handling keys and other emergency services, we can be confident that each task is done right and promptly. This allows us to do the things we need to do, knowing that Redcap has us covered in Beaufort.”

John Myers, October 2014

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Mobile Detailing Reviews

“Finally after 9 years of being disappointed with car detailing persons in the area I have found a company that does the job the way it should be done. There have been accolades on the web regarding Jeff and Steve and their Redcap Service. I had one car detailed yesterday….loved the job so much that I arranged for the second car to be detailed today. Treat yourself and your car to their expert hands and you won’t be disappointed.”

Pam Smith, October 2014

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Concierge Reviews

“What a perfect way to plan a party. The food, the set up, service and clean up was fantastic. They are very talented and we recommend them highly. They did all the work and we had all the fun!  We wish them well in their business ventures and look forward to another party.”

Gloria and Tom Budge, October 2015

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